Smart Communnities and Local Company

The idea of creating a “Mediterranean Museum System of Design and Applied Arts”, as an extension of the “Officiamuseum” originally planned for the Campania region and will be based in Pompeii, intercepts many important issues affecting the arts and sciences: the development of artidesign capable of giving a voice to the material cultures of the euro-Mediterranean area and successfully establish itself within the global market shaken by the recession; the possible interaction between museums of specialized craft, applied arts and design to enter into cultural energies in the necessary process of revitalization and modernization of existing artisan production activities; the management of a complex system that seeks to involve various countries, culturally, politically and economically distant from each other, inspired by the concept of Smart Cities and Communities.

The local company museum project should be representative of a “productive landscape” such as the Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari resulted in a public competition by the Municipality of Modena that wanted to celebrate the many brands in the field of cars and motorcycles established themselves in the area.
The aim is to treat these two issues in order to explore and characterize the idea of the System, in this initial phase generated by contributions from the Cologne University of Applied Sciences, Okan University in Istanbul and the Second University of Naples.