Officiamuseumed. The Mediterranean Museum System of Design and Applied Arts

Gambardella C, Jochen Siegemund, Ayse Ozbil Torun (2012). OFFICIAMUSEUMED. The Mediterranean Museum System of Design and Applied Arts.. In: Less More Architecture Design Landscape. Le vie dei Mercanti_X Forum Internazionale di Studi. Aversa / Capri, 31 Maggio – 20 Giugno 2012, p. 0893-0905, Napoli:La scuola di Pitagora editrice, ISBN: 978-88-6542-129-1


With the construction, in Pompeii, of the temporary museum of enterprises and activation of Officiamuseum (the Regional Museum System Design and Applied Arts), which is the driving force, it is necessary to extend the “system” in a geographically and culturally more extensive. To really make this action strategy for the revival of craft and design – not making constant reference to the European market, especially in these years – you have to devise a The Mediterranean Museum System of Design and Applied Arts. Pompeii, once an important trading center in the Mediterranean, could become one of the centers of this system with the city of some countries such as Morocco, Libya, Egypt, Turkey, etcetera. This project is currently supported by Okan University, Istanbul. Professor Ayşe Özbil about it has made a study on craft turkish. Although there was a crisis with globalization, will be enhanced by our project. Furthermore, this work is also supported by a German university, the Cologne University of Applied Sciences. The prof. Jochen Siegemund stepped in with its expertise in the field of Corporate Architecture. The “System” – a sort of international company museums – will represent perhaps a great opportunity for development in the Euro-Mediterranean design.