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Under the direction of Prof. Jochen Siegemund (architect and urban planner) in collaboration with Professors
Oliver Fritz, Dr. Michel Muller, Amandus Sattler and other experts and scientists leading the Cologne Institute for Architectural Design / CIAD the Master of Arts master’s degree in architecture / corporate architecture through. On this topic is in the same research focus, the Institute has its headquarters, research across faculties and disciplines. The strong labor market based profiling, as well as synergies in teaching and
research, design and practice lead to the unique feature in this field of work (Corporate Architecture).
Identity through architecture Corporate Architecture is constructed identity.
The exhibitions, biennials and publications on the current architecture are influenced by projects such as Prada Stores, Niketown, the Mercedes-Benz Museum or the Allianz Arena: They are examples of an architecture that creates a certain attitude to life and creates abrandimage. Architecture is playing a communicative role, since it carries the values and self-understanding of a company both internally and externally.

The term corporate architecture was coined in the ’90s, is now generally established imprinted on numerous projects and the design and conceptual designof architectural firms.
The issue of corporate architecture covers not only the scenographic designed spaces and architectures as they are known in exhibitions, trade shows, showrooms, museums and theme parks industry. It is an expanded role at the interface of the disciplines of visual communication, marketing, design, IT, sociology and urban and regional development. Ever since the success of the Guggenheim Museum by Frank Gehry in Bilbao, we know that architecture can perform as a pulse motor and the development of a whole region.

Branding Architecture (form follows content) Corporate architecture is a special opportunity for a new generation of young architects. This opportunity is the great attention paid to brands is receiving today. As brands and thus their architecture a global impact on our behavior and our society needs to make a corporate architecture that power advantage and responsibly deal with it. Through a holistic and integrative approaches, we can help architects design our future and part of the solution of global, ecological, economic, social and political challenges. With the help of corporate architecture to sustainable and meaningful projects for global development be designed and established.

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