Summer School 2013

Summer School in Designing of Company Museum Systems in Euro-Mediterranean area is a
collaboration between the Second University of Naples / Department of Architecture and
Industrial Design “Luigi Vanvitelli”, Okan University / Faculty of Engineering and Architecture and
the University of Applied Sciences Cologne / Faculty of Architecture.
The International Summer School has developed its thematic focusing on the Company Museum
Systems in Euro-Mediterranean area. In the context of interdisciplinary and experimental art
projects, the fields of architecture, art, culture, design, science and business will be studied and
developed. The international team of teachers and experts will carry out field trips and
investigations in Turkey and in Italy. The realization of the summer school in both Aversa and
Istanbul, which represents a unique opportunity for orientation in the system of museums in the
Euro-Mediterranean area, is further expanded by the participation of other universities and
cultural institutions.

International cooperation and experience will be an added value. The students have the
opportunity to work with teachers, professionals and entrepeneurs for two weeks in an
international, interdisciplinary and intercultural context in the field of company museum,
exhibitions, museum of architecture and enterprise architecture. It will be a great opportunity for
the project partners and regional actors to develop creative ideas for the Italian and Turkish
regions with the aim of enlarge this project to more regions of the Euro-Mediterranean area in
the next years. This will happen also thanks to the creation of a website to consolidate the
reached results and promote new initiatives with museums and enterprises.
The Summer School provides also visits to museums of applied arts and handicraft, company
museums and meetings with craftsmen and entrepreneurs in factories.
The course language is English.