Turkish Museum System of Design

The construction of Turkish Museum System of Design and Applied Arts Center in Çanakkale is the overall theme of the SUMMER SCHOOL’s project (in the same way, in Pompei you are building the Regional Museum System of Design and Applied Arts center).

The professors Harun Batirbaygil*, Jochen Siegemund** and Claudio Gambardella*** assigned to 14 students three sub-themes during Summer School’s turkish week:

  1. Bridge Museum, over çanakkale Cayi;
  2. Factory Museum, over çanakkale Cayi, near the old abandoned factories;
  3. Underground Square Museum, near the ferry terminal.

These published drafts have been developed by students of Prof. Claudio Gambardella’s Courses ( academic year 2013-2014 - Degree Course in Architecture and Masters in ArchitectureInterior Design and for Autonomy ) during preliminary step. In this planning phase every working group started directly from construction of study models:

* Okan Universty of Istanbul
** Cologne University of Applied Sciences
*** Second University of Naples